Our Unique Offering

Accurate assessment

  • Accurate early assessment of patients with an academically proven accepted triage system
    • Early management of time-sensitive conditions
    • Early appropriate involvement of specialists and admissions to ICU

clinical assessment

  • Evidence based clinical assessment and management of patients in the unit.
    • Correct admission of patients and accurate referrals to specialists
    • Electronic medical records providing evidence to medical aids to assist with fund admissions and investigations.

physician guidance

  • Specialist Emergency physician guidance 24/7 to all doctors on duty.
    • Specialist emergency physicians assist the doctor on duty at all hours of the day, on the floor as well as telephonically, with clinical or practical advice.
    • Excellent relationships with the other members of the clinical team (in-house specialists, nursing, allied medical services) are put in place and these channels of communication ensure better clinical care for the patient in the unit.

Flow of Patients

Flow of patients are monitored electronically, and bottlenecks are addressed as quickly as possible to ensure short or no waiting times for patients.

quality auditing

  • Ongoing quality auditing of care is done, as well as personal one-on-one bed-side training of the doctors on the floor and feedback on their patient management.
    • The emergency physicians also hold monthly M&M meetings that are compulsory for all doctors to attend.
    • In addition, monthly CPD meetings are provided.
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